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We want to help you Thrive!

We want to help you empower your clinical staff, increase practice revenue, and help improve staff quality of life by streamlining and structuring the numerous nutrition questions staff receive in a day.

Providing scientific, safe, and unbiased companion animal nutrition information.

Build a foundation

Vital Vet Nutrition allows you access to non-branded nutrition courses that span from building a solid foundation in nutrition to education on providing recommendations (with options) and client education on the most common nutrient-responsive diseases.
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Help Change the diaglog

Stop the prevalent rhetoric that “vets don’t know nutrition” and take back the diet recommendations from well-intentioned pet food store employees and social media influencers.
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Certify your Clinic

You may choose to access the courses, or you can “certify your clinic” with varying levels of access to Dr Conway, who will help with your most challenging nutrition courses.

Take Back The Diet

Certified Nutrition Consultants can be anyone in your hospital at your discretion.

Take back the diet recommendations from well-
intentioned pet food store employees and social media influencers.

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Direct Consulting

Don’t have a support staff member who is interested? Dr Conway offers DVM to DVM direct consulting. You don’t have to be a Vital Vet Certified Consultant to access these services.

Vital Vet Clinic Nutrition Courses

The Vital Vet Nutrition programs are more than just CE on nutrition. If that is what you are looking for you can find excellent free CE from the pet food companies. At Vital Vet we pair non-branded nutrition education with training on how to both meet clients at their truth and increase compliance while providing patient-specific customized nutrition recommendations.  Our goal is to not only provide you with actionable, clinical, specific knowledge.


  • We have created several support options to empower your support staff members. And provided options for the individual veterinary support team members and programs for entire clinics.

These courses are clinically oriented, practical courses. It is not an all-inclusive academic course. It is designed for the busy veterinary professional and only covers material essential in competently providing quality, non-branded nutrition consults.

We teach you how to tap into the power of the 5th vital assessment to provide specific, actionable nutrition recommendations to your patients. We also show you how to have happier clients and how to empower your support staff members improving retention, reduce burnout, and increase talent recruitment if well executed.  Depending on the level of support, we add business training and workflow optimization to get your clinic certified as a “Vital Vet nutrition certified clinic” where we teach you and your selected staff how to structure the nutrition conversations that are already occurring and offer nutrition consulting services within your clinic.


We pair online training modules and access to learning resources with weekly group coaching sessions to optimize learning and help you achieve your goals. The learning and service implementation resources are second to none – we provide; worksheets, assessments, client handouts, discharge templates, diet lists, treat lists, and more.


Dr Conway brings her evidence-based integrative background into the trainings and as a result, provides more options for clients who are interested in non-traditional nutritional options, and also how to communicate with this dedicated and passionate clientele in a manner that does not frustrate the client nor burn out the staff. Simply stated, you will leave the program armed with not only excellent foundational nutritional knowledge but also a wider variety of options for your patients and how to communicate these options with them in a manner that increases compliance.

Level 1 – Vital Enlightened Nutrition Champion

Education (both sections of the course (~26 hours of material)- nutrition fundamentals and nutrient responsive diseases) and 6x weekly group meetings)

Level 2 – Certified Vital Vet Nutrition Clinic

Become a Certified Vital Vet Nutrition Clinic. ( Educational + business + support)

Don’t have a support staff member?

Dr Conway offers DVM to DVM direct consulting. You don’t have to be a Vital Vet Certified Consultant to access these services.

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