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Vital Vet Integrative Consultants offers a variety of nutrition and integrative medicine education (courses) and consulting services to pet owners, veterinary professionals, veterinary clinics, and pet food /supplement companies. We want to help you help your pets and patients thrive, not just survive.

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Providing Nutrition and Integrative Medicine Education for pet parents and veterinary clinics

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We are a team dedicated to educating pet owners and veterinarians. As passionate veterinarians, we
believe that every furry friend deserves the best possible care, including expert nutrition advice. That’s
why we’re proud to offer our ‘Vital Vet Nutrition Certification’ program, designed to assist clinics in
providing continuous support to pet owners. What truly distinguishes us is our commitment to making our services accessible to all through scalable and sliding scale options, ensuring everyone
can access the guidance they need, regardless of their income. We also deeply value the power of
education and are dedicated to empowering veterinary technicians to utilize their expertise and big beautiful brains in aiding pets while reducing burnout among our colleagues.

frequently asked questions

An integrative practitioner combines the best of conventional practices with integrative modalities to suite the individual need of the patient to achieve optimal wellness.  Modalities can include; supplements, acupuncture, rehabilitation, and spinal manipulation. The gold standard of medicine is evidence-based medicine which combines the best of relevant scientific research with a Clinician’s clinical judgment and experiences, along with a Patient’s values and needs.

Fantastic question! That is why we are here. There is no quick and easy answer to this question and depends on the needs and preferences of your pet, their medical history, and since you are the caretaker with thumbs, your needs, preferences, and budget factor in as well. Please reach out for a consultation here and be on the lookout for our pet owner nutrition course offerings launching Spring 2024.

Once again to give you the favorite response of any good medical practitioner… “It depends”. We are absolutely willing to consult with you and learn about why you want to feed raw, and discuss how best to implement it safely in your home with a diet that is both complete and balanced for your pet. A great amount of harm can come from feeding an improperly balanced raw food diet and there are public health risks to consider as well. Raw food diets are not a great option for home’s with immunocompromised  individuals. On the other side of that coin, pet food in all forms poses the risk for bacterial contamination, so one argument could be that no immunocompromised individual should be in charge of feeding the pets and should wash their hands after touching the pet. There are also several Commercial Raw Food Companies that are doing a wonderful job and are safe. At Vital Vet we believe in meeting clients at their truth, so if feeding a raw food diet we would be delighted to review the diet you are feeding and share ways to improve it while meeting you at your truth.

We teach you how to tap into the power of the 5th vital assessment to provide specific, actionable nutrition recommendations to your patients. We also show you how to have happier clients and how to empower your support staff members improving retention, reduce burnout, and increase talent recruitment if well executed.  Depending on the level of support, we add business training and workflow optimization to get your clinic certified as a “Vital Vet nutrition certified clinic” where we teach you and your selected staff how to structure the nutrition conversations that are already occurring and offer nutrition consulting services within your clinic.

We pair online training modules and access to learning resources with weekly group coaching sessions to optimize learning and help you achieve your goals. The learning and service implementation resources are second to none – we provide; worksheets, assessments, client handouts, discharge templates, diet lists, treat lists, and more.

Dr Conway brings her evidence-based integrative background into the trainings and as a result, provides more options for clients who are interested in non-traditional nutritional options, and also how to communicate with this dedicated and passionate clientele in a manner that does not frustrate the client nor burn out the staff. Simply stated, you will leave the program armed with not only excellent foundational nutritional knowledge but also a wider variety of options for your patients and how to communicate these options with them in a manner that increases compliance.

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