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Dr. Conway

A Distinguished Choice for your next event

Dr. Danielle Conway is a distinguished choice for your speaking event, boasting extensive experience in integrative medicine and nutrition as a board eligible veterinary specialist. Her career has seen her collaborate with leading professionals nationwide, securing certifications in veterinary acupuncture, spinal manipulation, rehabilitation, and nutraceutical support.

Dr. Conway’s mission to help pets live their best lives is evident through her innovative approach to combining traditional medicine with evidence-based integrative modalities, spanning various professional landscapes from clinical specialty practice to academia and industry. Her unwavering dedication to educating veterinary professionals is realized through the Vital Vet Nutrition Certification program, which offers high-quality, non-branded nutrition education to empower professionals in delivering tailored recommendations for both sick and healthy pets, all while enhancing clinic revenues, staff retention and client accessibility to specialty nutrition services.

Dr. Conway’s inspiring journey in the realm of pet health and wellness, coupled with her advocacy for science-based wellness techniques and environmental stewardship, makes her a compelling and transformative speaker for your event, capable of leaving a profound impact on your audience.

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Booking Dr. Danielle Conway as a speaker for your next event is a powerful choice. With her extensive experience in integrative medicine and nutrition as a board-eligible veterinarian, she offers a wealth of knowledge to inspire your audience. Dr. Conway’s commitment to enhancing pet health, evidenced through her innovative programs like the Vital Vet Nutrition Certification, and her compelling journey and advocacy for science-based wellness, make her an exceptional and impactful addition to your event.

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