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Service Costs

We provide clients and veterinarians with scientific, safe, and unbiased companion animal nutrition information.

Tech consult:

  • Includes 45 mins of time and 2-3 commercial recommendations
  • Homemade diet from tech
    – healthy dog or cat: $100
    – sick dog or cat: $300

DVM consult: (Not Currently Available)

$600 (includes 30 mins of communication)

Homemade diet for family (healthy animals only): add $100 per pet

  • Includes 1 homemade diet recipe (with substitutions where appropriate) and 30 mins of consultation time.
  • Or 2-3 commercial recommendations.

DVM Recheck appointments – $235 

  • Please note – Vital vet reserves the right to charge for email and phone time between appointments.

Company consultation:


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