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Level 2 – Certified Vital Vet Nutrition Clinic

What this course covers

All of the education in level 1 plus providing nutrition services at your clinic as a Vital Vet Certified Nutrition Clinic. The clinic identifies nutrition consultant(s) who have an interested in nutrition to undergo the training. These individuals then see their own nutrition appointments with their on-sight DVMs supervision and access to Dr Conway and the Vital Vet Team for questions and support.

Level 2 includes:

  • Additional logistics training on how to provide nutrition services within your clinic.
  • A total of 8 group calls specific to the vital vet certified nutrition clinics,
  • 2 – 1:1 calls with Dr Conway to strategize about how to incorporate the nutrition apportionments into your workflow.
  • AND 2 hours per month of ongoing direct support to ask patient specific nutrition questions and get help.
  • Access to the Vital Vet Nutrition Community is included – access to the nutrition community chat board with other veterinary professionals who have gone through the course, a quarterly nutrition newsletter, and 20min 4x a year nutrition educational videos with additional content on the client communication and business aspects.

Course Details

Become a Certified Vital Vet Nutrition Clinic. ( Educational + business + support)

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