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Helping Pet Owners

We are thrilled to offer these options to pet owners! 

Options for pet owners:

  1. Direct to veterinary options are also available – please ask your veterinarian to reach out to initiate this.
  2. We also offer A certification course for your veterinary practice. Please tell your veterinary hospital you would love for them to become a Vital Vet Certified Veterinary Practice, where you can have quality nutrition consultations given by Dr Conway through your regular veterinarian, as a discounted cost to you.

Reduced costs directly related to client consultations will be available soon through a Master Vital Vet Nutrition Technician. If this is a service you are interested in, please email us here. Email Here

To learn more about these certified technicians read below. 

Affordable nutrition insights for your pet
Pet-Paw rents
Pet nutrition consulting

Who are these “Vital Vet Certified Master Nutrition Technicians”?

They are elite veterinary technicians (like human nurses) who have undergraduate degrees and have gone to additional schooling (like nursing school) to provide medical supportive care in a veterinary setting. They have passed exams and certifications to demonstrate their clinical skills and knowledge. They have also been hand selected by Dr Conway for their skills and interest in nutrition and have taken the Vital Vet Nutrition Certification program to demonstrate their nutrition skills. They also either have or are working towards their Veterinary Technician Specialty in Nutrition – a program that requires over 4000 hours (minimum) clinical experience in nutrition, application package, case reports, letters of recommendation and successful passing of a detailed and rigorous technician clinical nutrition exam. In addition some of the Vital Vet Certified Master Nutrition Technicians are also working on a master’s degree in animal nutrition. In short these are highly qualified technicians who have passed The Vital Vet Program, and the academically oriented VTS program and can operate with the knowledge of a physician’s assistant equivalent in the veterinary medical world. 

Pet Parent courses

Scientific, safe, and unbiased companion animal nutrition information.

Coming Soon! Are you a pet parent who has been plagued by the quandary of what to feed your pet? Do you have a sick pet and you want to learn about all of your nutritional options? We are busy creating non-branded courses that meet you at your truth, provide you with options, and teaches you about pet nutrition and how to cut through the bologna that is rampant on social media and marketing campaigns to discover what the best food for your pet, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Whether your pet is sick or healthy, old or young, and if you are looking for a comprehensive course with all of the nutrition information or just want to know the basics of what your options are, we have options for you.

We are not just another nutrition course. We are also looking to provide community coaching to help ensure you understand the information you are learning and consultation options at a variety of budgets because we believe that great nutrition advice should be accessible.

Please enter your email below so that we can notify you when our courses are live.

In the meantime Dr Conway is providing client consults. Click the button to learn more and get started. 

Our Courses

‘Pet Parent Course Coming Soon’

Stay tuned for more information.

‘Pet Parent Course Coming Soon’

Stay tuned for more information.

Pet Parent Course List

The Vital Vet Pet Parent Course is coming soon! Sign up on the form below to be the first to know when registration opens!

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