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Pet Nutrition Education Course

Are you a veterinary professional looking to gain non-branded yet actionable nutrition knowledge you can put into everyday practice?
Are you a practice owner/manager looking to empower your veterinary staff?

Vital Vet Nutrition is NOT your average Nutrition CE or pet food branded education:

Learn actionable, clinical, specific nutrition knowledge.

Take back nutrition advice from social media faux-fluencers and fear mongers

This is a clinically oriented, practical course. It is not an all-inclusive academic course. It is designed for the busy veterinary professional, and only covers material essential in competently providing quality, non-branded nutrition consults.

Also includes 6 weekly group meetings to help answer questions and support your learning.

Start with Level one “Nutrition Fundamentals” course then move onto certifying your clinic as a “Vital Vet Nutrition Clinic” to offer nutrition consult supported by a veterinary nutritionist right at your own clinic.

Limited time Pricing:

Presale price: $399 or 3 payments of $133

(Email list only)

Eventual Retail Price: $799 or 3 payment of $266.33

Part 1: Healthy dog and cat and weight loss

Overview: By the end of the training, participants will have an understanding of the basic nutrition definitions and trends and be able to make nutrition recommendations for healthy dogs and cats and perform weight loss plans.

  • How to incorporate nutrition evaluation into every appointment
  • How to body and muscle condition score patients
  • Understand nutrition terms / be able to speak the nutrition language
  • Perform basic nutrition math (painlessly & efficiently) Be able to identify a reputable pet food
  • Make pet food recommendations for healthy patients at all life stages
  • Create a healthy weight loss plan (that sticks)
  • Homemade and whole food diet benefits, safety, and success
  • Answer the most common client nutrition questions
  • Identify pros and cons of all feeding options
  • Understand how to read a pet food label
  • How to trouble shoot nutritional faux paux
  • Basic communication skills
  • Gentle re-education of fake nutrition news
Part 2: Nutritional management of nutrient Responsive diseases

Upon completion of the second course participants will be able to support client through the recommendation and management of nutrient responsive skin diseases, with their on-site veterinarian’s oversight.

Nutrients of concerns and how to make nutritional recommendations for the following diseases. Including but not limited to:

  • Kidney disease
  • Gi disease
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary
  • Heart disease
  • Skin
  • Critical care
  • Liver disease
Limited time Pricing:

Presale price: $399 or 3 payments of $133 (Email list only)

Eventual Retail Price: $799 or 3 payment of $266.33

Level 1: Vital Vet Nutrition Fundamentals & Nutrient Responsive Diseases) – educational program only

What is it? Education (both sections of the course (~26 hours of material) nutrition fundamentals and nutrient responsive diseases) and 6x weekly group meetings (some with DC and some with a Vital Vet Nutrition technician) Each module is broken down into 10-20 minute lessons for the busy clinical member.

Who is it for? Veterinary professionals who want to level up on their non-branded nutrition knowledge that not only provides better care for the patient but also meets clients at their truth while increasing compliance. How to blend evidence-based care with patient and client needs.

This program is designed to educate about nutrition. Support materials will center around that and include assessments, and worksheets.

Who can participate?
Any CVT/LVT, or DVM. Assistants even CSRs are welcome to participate with a sponsorship letter from a veterinarian at their practice.

Broken down into 10 minute segments with an evaluation/ activity to ensure information assimilation and proficiency in utilization
Become a Certified Vital Vet Nutrition Clinic
Education + business + support
coming soon course
Level 1 is a pre-requisite to becoming a Vital Vet Certified Clinic
Everyone is Nourished as a Vital Vet Clinic

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